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2020 Activities

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In 2020, CAPE activities included:
  • Donated hotspots for families without Internet service to provide access to virtual school and contacted our members to encourage donations to the District to assist with pandemic support needs.

  • Raised awareness of the need to follow public health measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission in the community, in order to keep schools open and students and teachers safe. This effort grew into the wider Keep COVID Out Community Coalition, in which CAPE remains an active partner.

  • Used $2,000 grant from Wisconsin Public Education Network (WPEN) to conduct Vote Public Campaign. Created and sent out 3,407 voter guides, with the Lake Mills Leader managing the whole process. The guides provided a way for us to advertise CAPE and share information about educational issues

  • Coordinated creation of 'thank you' yard signs for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week in May, and provided goodie bags to educators on American Education Week in November.

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Leadership Team

President, Sandy Whisler

Treasurer, Steve Bower

Secretary, Jo Anne Russo

Board Members 

Deb Galstad

Nate Pekul

Amy Phillips

Melissa Priestley

Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September and November.


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