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Are you an advocate for public education?
Keep COVID Out
CAPE Voter Guide now available

Click below to download the 2020 Voter Guide, which provides answers from the candidates running for Wisconsin Assembly District 38: Melissa Winder and Barbara Dittrich. 

A big L-Cat
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The 2020-21 school year is going to be chaotic and challenging, but through it all our students are learning and growing.  From the earliest, most uncertain months of the pandemic right up to the first day of school, the LMASD community came together and got it done.  From summer school to creative ways to keep students interested in music (Home visits?  How cool is that!  Virtual Hamilton songs? Yep.) students were engaged and learning. Our families, our students, and our teachers are ready for the challenge of a new school year.  L-Cat tough indeed!

Parents shouldered a lot of responsibility with virtual learning in the spring--and many continue to do so.  Technology, communication with teachers through multiple platforms. motivating students, juggling remote work and multiple children--it's unimaginable. Or was. 

Whether taking your student's temperature and making sure their mask is clean, or getting your student logged into their device in the morning, parents are doing more than ever. Some parents are doing double-duty, trying to juggle conference calls and young children's needs. So are teachers. 


Teachers are, in many cases, not only teaching in person but recording their lessons in the evening for viewing online the next morning, finding little time to prepare the lessons themselves. They can also struggle with the technology and all the emails and phone calls.

Students, last but not least!  This is no fun. You miss your friends, your sports, your clubs, eating lunch in the cafeteria--whether you're learning remote or there every day. But you are resilient and an L-Cat!

This is not normal. Everyone is still learning and improving.

What's CAPE?

CAPE is an independent citizens’ group advocating for quality public education in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.


Formed in 2013, CAPE has more than 300 members and friends representing all facets of the community, including business leaders, educators, parents and grandparents.

CAPE joins community effort to keep our community safe and schools open

We are pleased to announce a new community campaign in Lake Mills - Keep COVID Out. 


Twelve local organizations have already joined the Keep COVID Out Community Coalition to keep our schools open and our students and staff safe. We're asking the entire Lake Mills community to commit to the Three Ws: Watch your Distance, Wash your Hands, and Wear a Face Covering.


You can read the press release here: To stay up-to-date with this fast-growing effort, follow the Facebook page

After pulling her free pen out of the styrofoam coronavirus, LMASD Administrator Tonya Olson signs the pledge to follow the 3W's.

Supporters also stood by the banner, donated by Wallflower Market, for Facemask Photo-Ops.

Nov. 3

Your vote is your voice. 

Cast it to support candidates who support public education. 

© Citizen Advocates for Public Education  2020

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