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Are you an advocate for public education?



What's on

the ballot?

  • Lake Mills School Board

  • State Superintendent of Public Schools

CAPE's Virtual School Board
Candidate Forum
Brianna Behselich, Ken Eimers and Andrew Palmer participated in our forum on March 23 to discuss their interest in winning one of two open positions on the Lake Mills Area School District Board.
 Click here to read their statements of interest presented to the Lake Mills Leader. Printed remarks, and a copy of this video with transcription will be available on our Facebook page.
Hands Voting
Request Absentee Ballots for
Spring 2021 Election

DID YOU KNOW? If you were signed up to receive absentee ballots through the year 2020, you need to sign up again for 2021! Absentee ballot requests must be made every year.


Check your registration today and request your absentee ballot at for the 2021 elections.

Fair maps and redistricting

re nonpartisan issues. Across the state, there is broad support to end gerrymandering: referenda and resolutions show that over 70 percent of Wisconsin voters want a nonpartisan map-drawing process. New maps will be drawn in 2021.


Are you concerned?


Please take a few minutes and use this tool from the League of Women Voters to contact your legislators.

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Keep COVID Out Community Coalition


In six months, the Keep COVID Out Community Coalition has grown from a CAPE initiative focused primarily on the safety of students and staff to a broader education campaign--one focused on the health of both citizens and the local economy.

The "ask" is the same--follow public health guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19, specifically the 3 W's: Watch your Distance, Wash your Hands, and Wear a Face Covering.

What's new is the successful effort to obtain support from local businesses. The Coalition created signs to signify that a business commits to following the 3 W's.


The Coalition then received grants from several sources to purchase $25 gift certificates from businesses that agreed to join the campaign and post the sign.  

75 businesses have now committed
to following the 3 W's

The gift certificates were then raffled off to individuals who signed the pledge to follow the 3W's found on their Facebook page. Originally, the raffle was going to end before Christmas. Once the campaign was underway, some businesses chose to donate their gift certificates, which allowed us to run the raffle through March 3!  


Channel 3000 covered the project for their Making a Difference segment. Owners of Wallflower Market and Pyramid Event Venue were interviewed about their involvement with the effort.

A list of all participating businesses will be published in The Leader in March.

A big L-Cat
Shout Out to...

...Lady L-Cat Basketball

The Lady L-Cats captured the first WIAA state championship in program history with a dominating performance in a 78-67 victory over top-ranked Aquinas on Feb. 27. Aquinas had won championships in the last two state tournaments that were played to conclusion, in 2018 and 2019, and hadn't lost to a Wisconsin opponent in its last 97 games.

...Boys L-Cat Basketball

The L-Cats Boys Basketball team lost a close game in the WIAA finals on March 8.

It was only the program's second trip to the state finals. The first was in 2017. 

Congratulations to all the team members for their hard work and dedication.

2021 Calendar of Activities

Spring election

Teacher Appreciation Week

Summer Education Summit

Lake Mills Children's Giveaway

Brew with a View

 Welcome back to school activities

CAPE Members/Friends Pizza Party

Fall Festival

Election Day

American Education Week

April 6

May 3-7


Aug. TBA

Aug. TBA

Aug. TBA

Sept. TBA

Oct. 3
Nov. 2

Nov. 14-20

What's CAPE?

CAPE is an independent citizens’ group advocating for quality public education in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.


Formed in 2013, CAPE has more than 300 members and friends representing all facets of the community, including business leaders, educators, parents and grandparents.

April 6
 7 pm - 8 pm
Election Day!

Make sure you and your friends and family head to the polls to support the candidates who pledge to support our public schools!  Don't forget your ID and your mask. 

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