admins at front desk
books we donated
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love my pub school at lmes
Teachers rally
Better Rally leah annie
June Fair Budget Rally
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Sandy Jo Ben rally
Teachers rally
Tonya signs
Thank you at LMES
packing gift bags
Leah slide show
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we can do hard things
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great teacher inspires
carol and instruments
girl playground
masks and bags
Pub proud
MS students
make teacher elem
kids love
everybody wants to be an lcat
Are you an advocate for public education?

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Help spread the message that public schools don't divide us by ideology--they unite us through a common purpose: preparing our students for their future. Pick up yours today!  Email or message us on Facebook. 

A big L-Cat
Shout Out to...

...Our LMHS Athletic Department participants

For the second year in a row, Lake Mills High School was awarded the 2020-21 WIAA Award of Excellence!

The award recognizes efforts & achievements of #LCatPride student-athletes, coaches, administration, and athletic department in the areas of sportsmanship, ethics, integrity, leadership & character. LMHS was one of 33 schools in Wisconsin to earn the award!

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2021 Calendar of Activities


Summer Education Summit

Lake Mills Children's Giveaway

Brew with a View

Welcome back to school activities

CAPE Members/Friends Pizza Party

Fall Festival

Election Day

American Education Week


Aug. 10-11

Aug. 19

Aug. TBA

Sept. TBA

Oct. 3
Nov. 2

Nov. 14-20

Oct. 11
7 pm

School Board Meeting

The Board meets on the second Monday of each month at the City Hall chambers. Regular meetings start at 7 p.m.

What's CAPE?

CAPE is an independent citizens’ group advocating for quality public education in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.


Formed in 2013, CAPE has more than 300 members and friends representing all facets of the community, including business leaders, educators, parents and grandparents.